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We are a home to tutoring specialists with proven results at affordable prices.

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Develop a professional and personal relationship with one of our many well-spoken mentors.

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Our students comes from racially, ethnically and cultural communities of lower socioeconomic status.

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Simple things that may seem easy to you now may be a complete mystery to a young person.

About Us

Tutors and Mentors is Namibia’s one stop online platform engine that connects students with tutors and mentors across the globe. Our Aim is to help thousands of students to find the specialist help they need, whether that’s a one-off response to a specific problem or ongoing support around a challenging subjects and life matters. We believe that learning, including 1-on-1 tutoring, should be accessible and convenient to all. With Namibia’s large network of unemployed graduates and trusted tutors, Tutors and Mentors makes tutoring available across more subjects, at more times and at more levels than ever before.