How It Works

How Tutors and Mentors Work


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Search for tutors and mentors using our advanced relationship based matching of students to their ideal mentor based on academic needs, personality, and interests. Our match guarantees that you are satisfied with your mentor or tutor.




Read Shared feedback and ratings from parents and students that ensures that everyone is on the same page in terms of sessions & goals. Detailed tutor profiles that also includes profile photos and more information for easier decision making during selections.



Need help with your search? Request a tutor and we will have tutors contact you very soon, or communicate directly with tutors and mentors to find a time that best works for you. Whether you need a single lesson or multiple sessions, you are covered.


Start Learning

We handle the administrative details while you learn. From virtual classrooms to live video conferencing paired with interactive tools that reinforces the relationship and help students improve their skills and confidence from the comfort of home.